Top Prizes at Stockholm and Memphis, Local Win in St. Louis!


We are humbled and honored to see For Ahkeem honored by the Stockholm Film Festival, the Indie Memphis Film Festival, and the St. Louis International Film Festival

For Ahkeem received the Bronze Horse for Best Documentary at the Stockholm Film Festival. (And apparently it's the heaviest festival prize in the world!) The jurors wrote that For Ahkeem "is a nonjudgmental, intimate and warm portrayal of love and hardship set against the backdrop of police brutality.  It depicts, in a very organic way, what it takes to survive as young people today, with the odds stacked against them." 

The film also won Best Documentary Feature at the Indie Memphis Film Festival—which was awarded on the night of Ahkeem's birthday!

Finally, following a sold-out homecoming screening in St. Louis, we couldn't be more excited to see the film honored with the Midrash Award at the St. Louis International Film Festival. This is a special one for us. "The Midrash St. Louis Film Award celebrates St. Louis-related films of honesty and artistry that portray the need or the hope for reconciliation or redemption. These are among the most powerful and worthy themes that films should explore." We're thrilled that the film resonated so strongly in St. Louis. 

And that brings the full count of awards up to 10—including 7 "Best Feature Documentary" awards. Thanks for all of the love out there!