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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN: Stockholm Film Festival



Daje Shelton is a pregnant seventeen-year-old girl in St. Louis who is on the brink of losing the opportunity to graduate. She has been expelled from her public high school, and a juvenile court gives her an ultimatum - either she accepts an education for at-risk students or she does not get to graduate. Daje finds support in her mother and teachers, but she lives in a community where years of systemic injustice have devalued black lives. We see Daje attend funerals for murdered friends, and her notebook is covered with names with R.I.P. scrawled next to them. Daje must prove the system wrong, for her own sake and for that of her unborn child. Daje’s senior year in high school coincides with the shooting of teenager Michael Brown by police in nearby Ferguson and the protests that follow, creating an internationally debated parallel to the intimate story at the heart of the film. Directors Jeremy S. Levine and Landon Van Soest give the headlines a face in this carefully observed and moving documentary.